Flow Cytometry Lab


The Flow Cytometry Laboratory has a flow cytometer, BD FACS Calibur, designated for research use only. This instrument is available on a fee for service basis to UTHSCSA researchers and researchers from surrounding institutions. The utilization of this instrument is for user-independent data acquisition. The staff can assist with basic operation of the instrument as well as discuss the basic principles of the experimental design and data analysis. Appointments for use of the instrument can be made by phone (210-567-4096).
Please contact us with any questions regarding the use of this instrument.
Tomas Salazar, MLS (ASCP)
Supervisor, Flow Cytometry Laboratory

The Flow Cytometry Laboratory has one FACSCalibur cytometer designated for research use. The FACSCalibur has two lasers (argon-488nm and 635nm diode) and four color capability.