Teaching Facilities of the Pathology Residency Program

The 500-bed University Hospital opened in 1968 as the principal teaching hospital of the University of Texas Medical School at San Antonio. We were recently ranked the #1 hospital in the San Antonio metro area and among the top 50 nationally by U.S. News & World Report. The Chairman and faculty members form the professional pathology staff of the hospital. The majority of the Pathology Services activities, including the gross room, frozen-section area, sign-out areas, clinical laboratories and resident’s room are located in contiguous space at both teaching hospitals. UHS Pathology Services are located on the third floor a short walk from the cafeteria and are connected to Sky Tower and the VA Hospital by a skywalk. The grossing activities are attended by numerous support staff including a pathologist assistant. Sign out with the faculty is located in a space that is immediately adjacent to other Pathology functions. Residents have a state of the art Olympus SC50 Microscope Digital Camera with CELLSENS software attached to a microscope and computer in the resident's office. They are also provided their own desk and microscope and have access to multiple computers, the resident’s library and the University Library.

UHS Skytower was occupied 04/14/2014 and includes a new ten-story tower, state-of-the-art technology and additional parking.

New Skytower lobby.

UHS Rio and Horizon Towers






The South Texas Veterans Health Care System, adjacent to the University Hospital, is affiliated with the Pathology Residency Program, and has more than 700 beds.


The UHS/UTHSCSA Campus and the Audie L. Murphy Veteran's Medical Center are in the South Texas Medical Center, located in northwest San Antonio.


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