Cases360 Repository

Daily Repository Updates and News

Cases360 Repository, is a UT Healthcare Digital Repository, for UT Faculty, designed to support learning and teaching across healthcare disciplines. The flexible web-based software allows easy access to learning objects and collections obtained from real patients or acquired from other sources. The repository is unique in that it allows:

  • Easy access to various downloadable media types of digitized materials. including but not limited to Virtual Microscopy, Gross Anatomy Images, X-rays, CT scans, Illustrations, 3-D animations, Videos, PowerPoint presentations, Word
  • Faculty to readily submit and share learning objects
  • Simplification of peer review process of materials submitted
  • Searching of assets by body site, patient history, diagnosis, keywords, and media type
  • Longitudinal tracking of patient materials to obtain follow-ups to optimize case-based teaching
  • Management, preserving, archiving, and building learning materials