Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I having trouble viewing the instructional videos?

To view the instructional videos, you will need Windows Media Player and TSCC codec.  Have your IT people check on this. In anticipation of this occurring, use the attached text version of the instructional videos.

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Why doesn't the page fit on my screen? I have to scroll to the right to view it.

This page is best viewed at 1024x768 resolution or higher. If you need to scroll to see the entire page, your resolution is probably lower than 1024x768. To adjust your monitor resolution, do the following:

PC users:
  1. Right click anywhere on your PC desktop and select "Properties"
  2. Select the tab labeled "Settings"
  3. Slide the bar labeled "Screen Resolution" to the right until it reads "1024x768"

MAC users:
  1. Select "System Preferences"
  2. Under Hardware, select "Display"
  3. In the Display tab, select 1024 x768 from the resolution options
Another reason you may have to scroll is that you have Favorites, Browser History, or a toolbar open to the left of your browser window. Closing those will help you view the entire page without scrolling.

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Why do the pages take so long to load?

This site is optimized for broadband connections. If you're using a dial-up connection, it will take a while to load the page, due to our larger images. We are working to improve the site experience for those using a dial-up connection.

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Do I need to provide HIPPA identifiers on the items I submit to the repository?

It is strongly recommended that the HIPPA identifiable fields be completed for future reference/obtaining additional information. However, the images, themselves cannot contain HIPPA identifiers. The HIPPA identifiers are maintained on a Clinical Server and NOT accessible to ANYONE except the System Administrator.

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If I experience other problems not described here, what can I do?

Please contact me at or call me at 567-0484 and I wiill glady assist you.

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What is the difference between uploading an attachment and uploading an image?

Uploading Images - We are defining images as a picture of anything other than picture of text (i.e., x-rays, CT scans, gross images)

Uploading Attachments. - Documents of any kind - images of reports, pages off the web, PowerPoint presentations, Flash documents, Videos,Word Documents, etc.

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What screen resolutions does VISCERA support?

1024x768 or higher.

  • Select "Control Panel" from the Windows Start Menu.
  • Select "Display" then "Settings".
  • Slide the pointer under "Desktop Settings" to make the change.
  • Click "Apply" to confirm the change.

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