Dental Biostatistics
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Dental Biostatistics Course

The Dental Biostatistics course is Path 5121 consists of 15 lectures given by clicking on Lectures above.   The grading methods and course goals are listed under the Grading Methods button above and Homework assignments for each lecture are given at the Homework Assignments button above.   You can click on the Discussion button above, register and post question, comments, and other information to discuss here or to have brought up in class.  

Goals of the course are:
   1. Be able to understand and evaluate the statistical methods commonly reported in the dental literature.
   2. Be able to statistically analyze data from your research, make appropriate inferences and recognize limitations to the inferences.
   3. Know when to seek consultation with a professional statistician and have a base of knowledge and language in order to use such a  consultation effectively.
   4. Have a base of knowledge for additional study of statistical analysis.

Schedules for lectures and exams with sample tests.


C. Alex McMahan, Ph.D.
Dr. Alex McMahan x7-4026 Office 316B
Thomas J. Prihoda, Ph.D.
Dr. Tom Prihoda x7-4018 Office 470L


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